Dr. Darryl Adams 
The Rock and Roll Superintendent 
of THE Coachella Valley
Unified School District
"True change and transformation in our society will only come when we empower our young people with the soft skills necessary to love, be loved and to serve. Empowering the Youth of Today is a program that will help young people understand the process of believing in themselves and taking responsibility for their own learning and growth.
Empowering the Youth of Today will guide the young in how to build strong moral character, how to foster healthy relationships and how to be positive and productive members in a competitive and challenging environment. This is a game changer for young people seeking to find their say and find their place in the world."
          President Obama
"This is a great program. It really encourages girls to keep on dreaming." (Mariah, 12 years old) July 25, 2017
"I loved the Courageous Girl Workshop! It makes me feel stronger for myself. Thank you for letting me come." (Lindsay, 10 years old) July 25, 2017
"I really like the Courageous Girl Workshop and had a great experience" (Maya, 11 years old) July 25, 2017
"Awesome program! The skills are explained so simply, my kids love the stories and they come home talking about what they learned in the workshop. It has made a huge difference for all our family. I think this should be something available to every family!" (Kim, kids 7 & 10) 2016
"My daughter had been having difficulty sleeping for a couple of years when we found Cathy's program. Her mind would just race at night with thoughts about all the dangers that were out there in the world. My husband and I had tried reassuring her and everything we could think of, but nothing seemed to help." (Cherise, daughter 12) 2016
"Working with Cathy introduced my daughter to the idea of power shifting to change the way she thought about things that were scary to her. I think it gave her a very straight forward way to identify and then manage her fears so that she could get to sleep more quickly." (Janet, daughter 9) 2016
"The emails and articles that we get as part of the program are a great way for us to learn better ways to interact with our daughter and we get to have some very good conversations and I feel we have been able to establish some really open lines of communication that will serve us well as the issues she faces get even tougher. We were blessed to find this program." (Rhonda, daughter 11) 2016
"I tell all my friends with kids about this program. Both my kids enjoyed the program very much. My son's teacher noticed a difference in him almost right away and asked me what we were doing differently so I told her about this program too." (Lisa, son 8, daughter 10) 2016
"I was worried about my son as he entered middle school. He was having difficulty with all the changes that seemed to be happening in his daily schedule. He had trouble making friends and I felt so helpless to do anything for him. But now we both have some ways to make it all easier for him. I wish we had found this program much sooner!" (Chanelle, son 12) 2017

"When I was a child I can remember feeling so lost and unsure about what to do with my life. So many people were telling me what I should do or shouldn't do. I think this program has given my son the tools I didn't have then. I feel confident that he will be more sure of himself as he moves into middle school." (Jack, son 10) 2017