Every activity we provide through Empowering the Youth of Today as part of our workshops will adhere to promoting these core values in youth:

    Self-Esteem and Confidence
    Strong Moral Character
    Healthy Relationships (self, friends, parents, and authority figures)

We offer three different workshop series so that youth can participate in age appropriate coaching lessons and life skills to develop the high levels of self-esteem, confidence, and moral character that empower them to make good decisions for themselves and their future.

It’s My Choice!

This workshop series is for youth 7-11 years of age. At this age, kids are beginning to spend more time apart from parents and are experiencing new and stressful social situations and interactions every day.

Lessons in this series are story based and arts and crafts activities reinforce the concept or skill for the day. We focus on helping kids learn to handle their emotions and how they choose to think about new and stressful situations.

It’s My Party!

This series of workshops is geared toward youth 12-14 years of age. At this age, kids are making decisions about their friends, their body image, and their activities. They are faced with things like bullying and peer pressure.

Lessons will use role playing, discussion, reflection, and other techniques to help kids realize that it’s their party and they can choose who they invite into it.

How We Do It!

Targeted for adolescents 15-18 years of age. Teens desperately want independence and to be “the boss” of their own life. Lessons will use music, discussion, self-reflection, and role-play to teach valuable life skills.

This series will show teens how to take control of their lives and be their own boss by using self-responsibility and by choosing how they feel and react to situations.
Fill out this Coaching Wheel of Life if you live in Southern California and are between the ages of 12-18 years of age. We know this is the most challenging time of your life and we would like to help you. If you are interested in learning how to be your own best friend, feel you need someone to talk with or are experiencing pressure from others you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Try it out and you'll learn new things about yourself.

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