What You Say To Yourself Is More Important Than
 What Anyone Else Says To You! 
Hi, my name is Cathy Warshaw and I am the founder and director of Empowering the Youth of Today. I'm sure you remember what it was like to be this age. It's not an easy time. Girls are comparing themselves to their friends, to the models on television and the various magazines. They question, are they pretty and thin enough? Are they liked among their peers? Are we as smart as _______? I could go on and on but let's face it, none of it makes them feel good about themselves.
In today's world, things are even tougher than they were when we were their age. The Courageous Girl Workshop is all about empowering girls and inspiring them to be the best that they can be. 
We are excited to welcome Mayor Debbie Stone and Councilwomen Carol Timm and Janice Elliott to our event. 
WHERE: Women's Club of Claremont, 343 W. 12th St., Claremont
DATE: Tuesday, July 25, 2017
10:00  Registration (please be on time)
10:30  Workshop Begins - Our Speakers
Nylah Davis came up with her gourmet, filled, cupcakes when she had the desire to help two children's organizations. Not long afterward she was offered an opportunity to study abroad throughout nine European countries with the People to People Ambassadors Program. Not sure how she was going to fund this, Nylah used her passion for baking to raise the money she needed. With over 16,000 cupcakes sold, the experience intensified her desire to help others. Throughout her journey, she was invited to speak to students and gradually become a Teen Motivational Speaker. She has spoken at youth camps, schools, and seminars focusing on the areas of anti-bullying, self-love, following your dreams, and the value of entrepreneurship.

Nylah was one of 100 students chosen for the 2015 Walt Disney World Dreamers Academy. With over 10,000 applicants, she was honored to be chosen. Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine along with Disney World made this a phenomenal experience. In addition, she was chosen by Executive Producer Rushion McDonald to intern with the head of Culinary and Hospitality Management for the 2015 Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta, Georgia.
She is so excited about chasing her dreams. The journey has been long and she has knocked on many doors to reach her destiny. Nylah Davis attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and will graduate as a 'Rebel' in 2019! Congratulations Nylah for a job well done! 

Anastasia Aguirre is quite the courageous and ambitious little lady. She is just 13 years of age and has already overcome bullying that started when she was 5 and in kindergarten and has continued into her 7th grade. In the face of adversity and the cards stacked against her at every turn, she has accomplished a great deal in her young life already!
She aspires to be a professional soccer player and to play for the U.S. Women's Team after graduating from UCLA and playing on their women's soccer team. In addition, Anna plans on getting a degree in sports medicine.
Anna has been recognized by Upland AYSO Region 32 and with The Drew Richards Volunteer Award for her continued efforts volunteering her time in the region and in the community.

Anastasia is a highly talented competitive soccer player. At the early age of 5, she began playing soccer. Her parents and her coaches noticed very early on that she possessed a level of natural talent that is very hard to come by at such a young age. At 7 she began playing on a competition team. By the time she was 10 years of age, she along with her team won 1st Place at the AYSO National Games, as well as was taking 1st place with Exemplary Sportsmanship while at the national games.

Anna and her team were recognized at an Upland City Council Meeting by the County of San Bernardino with a Certificate of Recognition, presented by Supervisor Gary Ovitt and Supervisor Janice Rutherford in honor of Upland Unified U10 Girls' Soccer Team's 1st place finish at the AYSO National Games, as well as by the City National Games and for being the first team in Upland's history to bring home a national win! Anna continued playing for Upland AYSO's Extra Team until recently. She has selected to play for a Top Tier, Flight One Legends FC Team that is one level below the U.S. Women's Academy Program. This is an astounding accomplishment for a player to make this level of a team with never having any professional training and coming directly from AYSO. Anastasia is now the Head Keeper for her Legends FC Team.

Since Annas first encounter with schoolyard bullying, she has learned various techniques and coping tools through Empowering the Youth of Today in order to help cope and get through it.

The transition into junior high from elementary school has been the most difficult for her, as it is for many students. This can be very stressful for both the student and the family and MUST be taken very seriously. Anastasia will share her story, how she has been getting through it and how she has persevered in the face of it all by accomplishing her dreams.
Anastasia will continue to chase her dreams, help other young ladies such as herself deal and cope with bullying, all while inspiring others and volunteering in her community. 

12:00  Lunch (Wicked Cow Restaurant) and Nylah's Cupcakes  & MommyBones Novelty Cake (Yum!)
12:45   Journaling - Decorate your own journal and learn the importance of journaling
2:00     Gift Bags
We're having a party and YOU are the guest of honor!  
Bring your friends and enjoy the learning process
 while having fun with us. 
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