Our Organization

Founded by Cathy Warshaw, CPC, ELI-MP
Established in April 2016, 501(c)3 approved June 15, 2016   Tax ID: #81-2530289
Board of Directors formed May 2016

Our Mission 

We envision a community where all youth, regardless of race, socio economic ability or gender have equal access to our programs. Our vision is to provide children who might not otherwise have access to these educational opportunities with a solid foundation of self-esteem, confidence, and character which will empower them to cope with and overcome life's obstacles and thereby strive for success. Empowering the Youth of Today envisions becoming a community lifelong resource not only for the children but for their parents and guardians too. Our mobile classroom and/or website will maintain an ongoing place in the community and supports will be set up for easy parental access, education and knowledge.

Our mission is to provide age appropriate educational programs for California youth 7-12 years of age that will better enable them to become more resilient and empowered to make good decisions for themselves, and their future. Empowering the Youth of Today is dedicated to helping children develop the social-emotional skills necessary to meet their individual goals and strives to help each child maximize his or her potential.

 Meet the Board of Directors


 Cathy Warshaw, CPC, ELI-MP
Founder, Board President, Director

Cathy Warshaw brings with her 35 years of experience in the business, teaching and non-profit world as our Founder, Director and President of the Board. Her "make it happen" attitude is the driving force behind Empowering the Youth of Today.
Cathy is a survivor and knows first-hand how crucial it is for kids to have caring adult role models in their lives to help them develop high self-esteem, confidence, and the skills to overcome life's obstacles.
As a certified life coach she has a deep passion for helping others to live their best possible life. Cathy believes that all people regardless of age or economic status should have access to quality education and skills. She lives in Upland, California with her husband and their black lab, Charlie. 
 Brian Warshaw
Vice President of the Board 
Brian is our Vice President of the Board. As a retired district sales manager and former President/CEO of Satera Corporation, Brian has agreed to lend his executive management and administration experience to Empowering the Youth of Today.
He raised two children as a single parent and is keenly aware of how to help kids develop the strong core of skills they need to become successful adults.
He is well liked by all that know him because of his gregarious and empathetic personality. Brian discovered ham radios at the young age of thirteen. He has been a ham radio operator ever since and communicates with people all over the world.



Randa Wren
Board Treasurer & Secretary

Randa Wren is our Treasurer and Secretary of the Board and has over 25 years of accounting experience in the construction, manufacturing, and apparel industries.

In 2012, she joined a nonprofit working with new start-up nonprofits. Randa has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge to help nonprofits in her community.

She has lent her talents as a volunteer for many nonprofits including Cub Scout Leader, Cub Scout Board, Christmas Boutique Committee at Zion Lutheran in Anaheim and East Anaheim Baseball Board.

Randa lives with her husband and 3 children in Anaheim, CA.




 Meet Our Team


Varda Sarif Schaffman
Educational Director

Varda earned her Bachelor’s Degree and began teaching, in her childhood home country of South Africa, as an elementary art teacher in Johannesburg, where she was then tasked with launching a brand new school. Her desire to see more of the world then took her to Israel where she taught English as a second language to both children and adults.

Varda met her husband, and they came to the USA where her daughter was born. During 7 years spent directing an after school program, she developed a passion for mentoring and training teachers. She earned her Master’s in Education in Connecticut.

When Varda’s own children reached school age, she pursued her love of teaching and taught various subjects to a wide array of learners. Her lessons were infused with key social competencies like conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, positive self-esteem, and good decision making. Varda was privileged to share her love of teaching and child development with student teachers as they fulfilled their practical hours in her classroom while earning their teaching certification.

Varda is excited to be a part of Empowering the Youth of Today. She looks forward to supporting a new cadre of teachers as they coach our youth to make good decisions for themselves and their future.


Danelle Miller
Fundraising & Sponsorships, 
Social Media Coordinator &
Public Relations Manager
Danelle Miller is a loving hardworking mother, wife and business partner. She has suffered many tragic losses in her life due to cancer and other illnesses, but instead of succumbing to grief and despair as many would, she has let the tragedies empower her and inspire her in to pursuing fundraising efforts and providing support, both materialistically as well as emotionally, for those who are still fighting the battle.
After a 10-year successful marketing career with Ralph's, Danelle chose to prioritize family. She turned her focus on raising her beautiful daughter along with helping her husband grow his own business. She was often to be found in the class room, every single year, as the resident Room Mom.
With her background in marketing and social media, coupled with an amazing personality and great networking skills, Danelle has proceeded with her own professional career by establishing her own photography business as well as a plant business. She has also helped several smaller, local businesses grow their social media presence. Her skills have landed her several TV appearances on TV shows such as "WipeOut" and "Girlfriend Intervention."
In the end, Danelle is driven by her heart and compassion for others. She strives to help and support them and their families the best she can by actively participating in charity events and fundraisers. 
Turning grief and anger into compassion for others is not an easy feat, however the rewards of doing so have been amazing, both for Danelle as well as the rest of the communities that she is helping. 
Danelle is super excited to be working with Empowering the Youth of Today, she can't wait to help inspire kids to lead creative, caring and compassionate lives. Helping mold the youth of today into genuine adults.

Hydee Hall
Volunteer Committee Chairwoman 
Hydee Hall is our Volunteer Committee Chairwoman. She is committed to contributing to the betterment of her community by providing her talents and skills to nonprofits and groups that empower people. Her exceptional organizational skills along with her genuine and kind personality make her a great asset to our team.
Hydee is involved in our local politics by staying informed, attending council meetings and serving on the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee from 2012 to the present day.
Hydee is originally from Cuba and has been an Upland resident for almost 30 years where she has raised her 3 sons with her hubby. As an adamant dog lover, meditator, yard worker and exercise junkie, she offers great wisdom when it comes to forgiveness, trust and healing the soul. She contributed her first short story for the recently published book, Modern Heroine Soul Stories. 
Hydee is excited to be a part of Empowering the Youth of Today, an amazing organization that helps our most precious resource, our youth. 

 Jenmarie Eadie, LCSW
Jenmarie's passion is helping children with challenging behaviors to become less stressed by giving them and their parents tools, support, and encouragement. She listens to their goals and help them toward solutions that work for them. Her proudest accomplishment is following her dream of opening up a practice that is designed to focus on the whole family. She currently serves families in Upland, California, and in her free time she loves to write for her Positive Pathways to Change blog.
I'm so excited to be partnering with Empowering the Youth of Today, an organization that promotes self-esteem, confidence and character for our community's youth.